Wikis and FAQs

Learn how to use Wikis and FAQs to house your team’s lasting knowledge, as well as tactics to help establish trust in these resources.

  • Unlike docs and meetings, every team can have its own Wiki and FAQ databases housed in its teamspace. Your general teamspace will probably a have company-wide wiki too.

  • Wikis are places where employees can find information on processes, policies, and more. These pages typically have a longer shelf life than docs or meetings. Two key properties live on Wikis:

    • Owner → identifies the person who is responsible for the content of the page. This person is usually the best source of additional information or details about the page's content.

    • Verification → shows a team member that the information they're reading is up to date. When the verification expires, the page owners will receive a notification that it's time to re-verify or update the page content.

  • FAQs are another category of knowledge for miscellaneous information that encourage documentation and enhance discoverability of Wiki content.

    • FAQs can be related to wiki pages to provide context when team members ask a question.


Add wikis and FAQs to your team’s teamspaces

Add Wikis and FAQs to your team’s teamspace before moving on.