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Add an extra layer of account security with a second method of verification, also known as 2FA or MFA 🔐

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In order to use 2-step verification, you must:

  • Have a password.

  • Not be in an organization that requires login via identity provider (such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, etc.).

2-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your Notion account.

By enabling 2-step verification, you can help keep your Notion account and your organization more secure. This feature is available to all plan types and can be set up easily in your account settings.

  • Click on Settings & members in your sidebar.

  • Under My account, toggle on 2-step verification.

  • Select to enable 2-step via Code from authenticator or Text me a code.

Note: Depending on your region, you may only be able to verify using an authenticator app.

Using authenticator

  • Scan the QR code from your chosen authenticator app and name the authentication method to help you remember later.

  • Enter a one-time code from the authenticator to complete setup.

  • If this is your first added 2-step method, make sure to save your backup codes.

Using text

  • Add a phone number where you can receive text messages.

  • Enter the code you were sent.

  • If this is your first added 2-step method, make sure to save your backup codes.

You can have up to four verification methods, two authenticators and two phone numbers.

  • When you have a 2-step method setup, click on Settings & members in your sidebar

  • Under My account, click Change verification methods.

  • Verify your identity using an active 2-step method.

Remove 2-step verification

  • Hover and click the ••• next to the Active method you want to remove.

  • Click Delete and confirm your choice.

Add a verification method

  • Click on Add authenticator or Add phone number.

  • Follow the instructions above as normal.


Do I need 2-step verification?

2-step verification is not required for Notion users.

However we highly recommend that all users implement it as an extra layer of security to protect your work.

I login to Notion through an identity provider. Do I still need 2-step verification?

If you login to Notion through SAML SSO (using an identity provider), we recommend setting up 2-step verification directly through that identity provider.

How can I disable 2-step verification after I set it up?

  • Click on Settings & members

    in your sidebar.

  • Under My account, click Change verification methods.

  • Click Turn off 2-step verification.

What if I lose my phone or verification device?

When you first set up 2-step verification, you will receive a set of six backup text codes. You can use these codes to access your account in the event that you lose your verification device.

Each backup code can only be used once. Once all the codes have been used, you can generate a new set in your settings.

If you are having trouble, please contact us at team@makenotion.com.

I’m a workspace owner. Can I enforce everyone in my workspace to enable 2-step verification?

No, workspace owners can not enforce this feature for all users at this time. If this is something you need for your workspace, we’d love to hear that feedback at team@makenotion.com.

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