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Download Notion Calendar and sign in with Google to move effortlessly between work and meetings ⏰

Notion Calendar is the next-generation calendar for professionals and teams. It’s a free-to-use tool that helps you manage all aspects of your life with better organization and context. Learn more about what Notion Calendar is and what makes it special →

To get started with Notion Calendar, select the version that works best for you here. If you want to use Notion Calendar on both your phone and your computer, you’ll need to download both versions of the app. Learn more about our apps here →

You’ll need a Google account to use Notion Calendar. Once you’ve downloaded the Notion Calendar app, create an account using your Google credentials.

If you’re a Google Workspace admin and you want to restrict access to Notion Calendar or learn more about our security practices, read this article →

Giving Notion Calendar permission to access your Google account

Notion Calendar asks only for the Google permissions that we absolutely need to make sure Notion Calendar works properly. These permissions are only used to access data on your behalf, never to read, edit, or delete it without direct action from you. Notion Calendar is verified by Google and can’t access any user data categorized as restricted. We’ll never see your Google password. You also have the ability to remove access at any time. Learn more about how we protect your data here →

Here are the permissions we require to run Notion Calendar effectively. Once you give these permissions at first login, you won’t have to do it again.

If you don’t grant some of these permissions while you’re setting up, you might not see all your events and contacts in Notion Calendar. Don’t worry — to go back and update this, select your avatar in Notion Calendar → Log outSign in with Google.

If you’re told you’re not a Notion Calendar user when signing in with Google, make sure you’ve signed in with the Google account you used to create your Notion Calendar account. If you have multiple Google accounts, you can add them and pick a primary Google account in Notion Calendar settings once you’re successfully logged in.

If you’re told something went wrong when signing in with Google, try signing in again in a different browser. You can also select Sign into another account and try again with the same credentials.

If you get an authorization error when signing in with Google with a work email, it might be because an admin hasn’t approved Notion Calendar to be authorized with Google at your organization yet. To fix this issue, admins can:

  • Sign into with their admin credentials.

  • Go to SecurityAccess and data controlAPI controlsManage Google services.

  • Under Configured apps, select View listAdd appOAuth app Name or Client ID.

  • Find and select Notion Calendar, and from the app access options, choose Trusted.

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