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hc: customize your database
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Tailor your database to your needs with lots of customization options to choose from ✨

Note: You can only customize a database if you have Can edit access.

To customize your database:

  1. Open your database and select ••• at the top.

  2. Select Customize {your database's name}.

  3. Search for and select a specific feature, or select from the features within Settings, Suggested, and Advanced to discover ways to make your database more useful.

The kinds of customizations you can make in a database can be split up into a few categories.

Settings provides ways to quickly adjust some of your database’s existing features, like its views or properties. Select See more at the bottom of this section for more options.

Suggested shows you some additions you might want to make to your database. For example, your database could benefit from AI summaries of each database item, or a view of tasks that have been assigned to you. Select See all features to see all of the additional customizations you can make to your database.

Advanced displays the ability to bring information from other tools you might use in your work into your Notion database. Select Connections to see what apps are available to connect.

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