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Your inbox and notifications help you stay on top of work that needs your attention, and changes made to the pages and projects you care about. The more people you collaborate with in your workspace, the more helpful these features become 🔔

To keep your inbox open as you’re working in Notion, open your inbox and select Turn on panel mode.

The Inbox at the top of your sidebar gathers updates from across your workspace. These updates are organized by page and by comment thread, so you can see all of the updates related to a specific page in one place. You’ll see an update in your inbox when:

  • Someone @-mentions you or replies to your comment, or you have notifications set to All comments for a page.

  • You're added to a Person property in a database.

  • You've set a reminder for yourself, or someone else has set a reminder for you.

  • You're invited to a page.

If you have the Notion desktop or mobile app installed:

  • You'll get a desktop push notification 10 seconds after someone @-mentions you.

  • You'll get a mobile push notification if you don't view a mention within 5 minutes, or if you don't have Notion open on your device.

You can turn these notifications on or off from Settings & members → My notifications. Learn more about notification settings here →

Tip: Use the Archive Read or  Archive All button to help ensure that your Inbox only contains your unfinished tasks.

Interact with your inbox

You can interact with notifications in your inbox in several ways.

  • Select any notifications in your inbox to jump to the part of the page where the mention or edit was made. When you click on a comment, you’ll go directly to that thread on the page.

  • Filter your notifications by Unread and read, Unread only, Archived, or All workspace updates.

  • Mark notifications as read or unread.

  • Archive notifications.

  • Change your notification settings for a given page. Hover over a notification and select •••All updates, All comments, or Replies and @mentions.

  • Collapse notifications by page by selecting ^ next to the page name.

  • Open and reply to comment threads.

Each page has an updates menu. This is a list of edits and comments made on the page. To see a page’s updates, select 🕘 at the top of the page.

Change page notification settings

Open the dropdown at the top of a page’s updates and select All comments or Replies and @mentions to adjust the way you want to be notified about that page in the future.

Change database page notification settings

You can be notified when updates are made to specific pages in your database. To do this, open a database page and select ••• at the top of the page → Notify me. From here, you can select:

  • All updates to be notified about all new comments and property changes.

  • Important updates to be notified about all new comments, as well as changes to status, assignee, and due date.

  • Replies and @mentions

Tip: Want to get Slack notifications when important updates happen in your Notion workspace? Learn how to set up Slack notifications here →

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