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Any content you add to Notion can be duplicated or deleted with a couple clicks, whether that's an image, embed, page, or database. And if you ever get rid of content and need to get that work back — we got you covered on that too 🖇

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Note: Starting August 19, 2024, pages in the trash will be automatically and permanently deleted after 30 days. This 30-day period will not apply to any of your deleted pages until August 19, 2024 — if you have any content in the trash you’d like to hold onto, you can restore it following these instructions →

Enterprise plan workspace owners may customize these settings, as well as retain content even after deletion. Learn more here →

Click ⋮⋮

This symbol, what we call the block handle, appears in the left margin when you hover over any line or content in Notion, whether that's an empty line, text, an image, an embed, row in a table, etc. Click it to see options to either Duplicate or Delete.

Click •••

When you hover over content like images, embeds, sub-pages, and web bookmarks, this symbol appears in the top right corner of the block to let you Delete or Duplicate.

  • On mobile, you'll see this symbol in the corner of many content blocks. Tapping it will open a menu that includes Delete and Duplicate.

    • For text on mobile, tap on ••• all the way to the right in the toolbar that appears above your keyboard. You'll see the same set of options.

Right click

You can right click on any content in Notion (or use the gesture that corresponds to right click on your track pad) to bring up a menu including Delete and Duplicate.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • To delete, select any content block or text and hit the delete key.

  • To duplicate, select any content block and hit cmd/ctrl + D. Or, hold option while clicking and dragging that content.

Note: A new version of a particular page will be recorded every 10 minutes as you actively edit it. Two minutes after you’ve made your last edit on a page, we will record another version.

The View edit history feature lets you see all changes made to a page, as well as who made them and when. You can view and restore past versions of any Notion page going back:

  • 7 days if you're on a Free Plan

  • 30 days if you're on a Plus Plan

  • 90 days if you're on a Business Plan

  • Any number of days if you're on an Enterprise Plan

Need unlimited page history? Upgrade to our Enterprise plan, or contact our sales team to learn more about Enterprise features.

Access edit history

  • Click ••• at the top right of any Notion page. Choose View edit history.

  • From the window that opens, you can:

    • See all past versions of the current page in a list down the right-hand side. (Every change made to a page creates a separate snapshot.)

    • Click on any past version to see what the page looked like at that point in time.

  • You can also see this information by clicking 🕘 at the top right of any Notion page. You'll see a dropdown menu of all revisions and comments made on the current page by yourself and others. Click the 🕓 next to any revision to jump to that version in a new window.

Restore past versions of a page

  • To recover only specific content blocks from a previous version, click on a certain version of a page, copy those blocks window, and paste them into your current page.

  • You can also restore a past version of a page so it becomes your current one. Open the desired version and click Restore version.

  • Even if you or someone on your team restores a past version, you can always go back to the page as it was during any point in the past 30 days. Just open Page history again, choose the version you want to return to and restore it.

On mobile

Page history works a bit differently on mobile that it does on the web or desktop.

  • To access page history, click the ••• icon at the top right of your page. Tap View edit history. You'll see a full list of versions organized by time.

  • Tap any version to view it. You can copy and paste any content you want from it into your current version. Or you can tap Restore at the top left to make that version current.

There are many ways to delete pages in Notion. Here are all of them:

  • Hover over the page in your left sidebar, click the ••• icon that appears (or right click) and select Delete from the menu.

  • Go to the ••• icon at the very top right of a page and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

  • If you're deleting a sub-page off of an existing page, hover over it and click on the ⋮⋮ icon (or right click) to see the option to delete.

  • Drag any page or content block into the Trash at the bottom of your left sidebar.

  • You can always select any page block and press the backspace or delete keys.

You'll see Trash at the bottom of your left sidebar on both desktop and mobile. When you delete a page, this is where it ends up. Once you open Trash, you can:

  • Search for a specific page.

  • Filter by the following:

    • Last edited by: The last person to edit the page.

    • In: The page that the deleted content used to live in.

    • Teamspace: The teamspace that the deleted content used to belong to.

  • Open a deleted page to see its contents. From there, you can restore the page or permanently delete it from the trash. Note that you won’t be able to edit a page that’s in the trash unless you restore it.

On both iOS and Android, Trash is located in the ••• menu in the top left of the sidebar.


I tried duplicating some blocks, but got a Please try again later error.

This error means that you've hit our duplication rate limit — right now you can only duplicate 20,000 blocks per hour. Our apologies for the incovenience!

If you wait a bit, you'll be able to duplicate the content then 👍

What if I accidentally deleted something permanently? Any way to get it back?

If you accidentally delete a page, a workspace, or even your entire account, we can help! Accidents happen 😅 Just send us a message in the app by clicking ? at the bottom left on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at team@makenotion.com.

We keep backups of our database, which allows us to restore a snapshot of your content in the past 30 days if you need it.

How can I empty my trash?

There isn’t a way to empty your trash all at once. You can go in and delete individual pages from the trash — otherwise, pages in the trash will be automatically and permanently deleted after 30 days.

Enterprise plan workspace owners may customize these settings. Learn more here →

Can I use page history to restore a version that's over 30 days old?

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