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Add an extra layer of project management by giving your tasks their own IDs 🤖

Unique ID is a database property that helps you manage projects and organize tasks. Once the property is added, IDs are automatically created for each new and existing database item.

While in any database:

  1. Click the + at the far right side of the database to add a new property.

  2. Select ID.

    • The prefix will be generated automatically based on the names of the teamspace and database, but you can change this anytime in the text box.

Unique ID URL

All pages with the unique ID property can be accessed via a special URL with the ID number. For example, if a page has the ID: TASK-123 you can get to that page through notion.so/TASK-123.

Unique ID URLs will only work if your unique ID has a prefix. To make sure your unique IDs contain a prefix, click on the ID property in a database, select Edit property, and check that the Prefix field is not empty.

Note: Unique ID numbers always start at 1 and are assigned to every page, including deleted pages. ID numbers will never change.

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