Learn how to create, manage, and customize projects in your workspace.

  • Every team should have at least one project tracker in its teamspace. Some functions may require more project trackers for specialized types of work — like an email request tracker, social media calendar, or product roadmap.

  • Projects are a dynamic type of knowledge in a workspace. They serve as the synthesis of context from your documents and meetings with the day-to-day work happening across your team. Customize projects with:

    • Subtasks and dependencies → to break down your tasks into smaller subtasks and ensures tasks are completed in the right order.

    • Database automations → to set up automatic updates, slack notifications, and actions based on specific conditions.

    • Connected properties → let you track related files in associated, specialized tools — like Figma and Github.

  • Watch the course here to learn more about project customization.

Add projects to your team’s teamspaces

Explore different types of project trackers here. When you’re through, add projects to your team’s teamspace before moving on.