Relations and Rollups

Learn how to use Notion's relations and rollups features to connect and view information across databases.

  • Relations in Notion allow you to establish a link between two different types of knowledge (aka databases), enabling you to view and access data from one database in the context of another.

  • Once two databases are related you can create a rollup, which allows you to view additional properties from the related database.

  • Relations and rollups can be used to connect different types of information such as OKRs to Projects, documents to meeting notes, wikis to FAQs, or projects to teams.

  • Add a relation by adding a new property to your database, and selecting the database you’d like to create a link to.


Start adding relations

In this course you’ve created lots of databases — now start adding relations to set up your web of knowledge. Consider the following to start:

  • Docs to Meetings

  • Projects to Docs

  • FAQs to Wiki

  • Objectives to Projects

  • People to Teams