Using data: Onboarding knowledge base

Create a one-stop-shop for all new hire information that pulls in important information from all of the tools your team is using.

Onboarding knowledge base

Onboarding someone new to your team be tricky, so let’s use what we’ve learned so far to create a manual relevant that pulls important information from all of the tools that your team is using.

For today's project, we’ll be using Figma’s Figmanual template. Figma uses this as a one stop resource for company information and policies.

We can improve this template by adding in relevant information about our company using embeds and link previews.

  • Embed videos to add helpful context.

  • Add a link preview to something like your brand guidelines.

Anything that changes in your other documents will automatically in this new page as well!


Don't start from scratch

Build your own dynamic onboarding resource with Figma’s Figmanual.