Using data: Automations

Install and use connections by creating a Typeform that auto-populates a Notion database.


If you find yourself doing the same task over and over, there’s probably an opportunity to automate it! Notion’s API makes it so updates in Notion databases can trigger actions in other apps- thanks to integrator tools like Zapier and Make.

Some examples include:

  • When a Task is created, add a ticket in Jira

  • When a content request is updated, send a message to a Slack channel

  • When an update is marked “published” send an email to your team’s alias

Let’s build our own automation with Typeform:

  • To start, we need to make sure Zapier is an approved connection. You can check in Settings & members

  • Use this template to create a database and create your form in Typeform.

    • When building the Typeform, we’ll want to be mindful of how the questions we’re asking will map back to the Notion database.

  • In Zapier, we’ll configure this so that when a submission is made to the Typeform, it adds an entry to the Notion database.


Bring third party automations to your workspace