How to write good AI prompts

Learn how to generate text from scratch using Notion AI, with a focus on writing good prompts and refining output.

Notion AI Think Bigger

To get started drafting with Notion AI, head to a blank page and click “✨ Start writing with AI…”

All prompts can be broken down into a few key parts.

  • Content type (also known as medium)

    • Select from the dropdown menu (like “blog post”, “social media post”, etc.)

    • Or, write in a custom content type (like “project plan”).

  • Content topic

    • Tell AI what you want your post to be about, including as much detail as possible.

  • Desired format

    • Indicate whether you’d like paragraphs, bullet points, table, checkboxes, or something else

    • And, let AI know how long you want the output to be in terms of characters, number of examples, or anything else.


AI prompts from the Notion team

These 9 templates come pre-populated with detailed prompts designed to help you get the best output possible for your next product launch announcement, trip plan, meal prep, and more.