Augmenting daily work with AI

Explore creative ways to use AI that are made possible thanks to Notion’s flexible workspace setup.

AI go further

Notion's block structure is like lego blocks, allowing users to build any tool they can imagine. By using Notion AI, we believe that users can build these tools and resources faster, and with better results.

Try using Notion AI to:

  • Automate tasks→ like formatting, replacing words, removing spaces, etc.

  • Populate databases → Generate tables with AI, turn them into databases, and add custom properties.

  • Write code snippets → Get AI to write syntax-highlighted code snippets.

  • Visualize tables with mermaid code → Use AI to display tables as charts with mermaid code, without coding anything yourself.

  • Get word definitions with one click → Notion AI provides definitions, synonyms, and translations for long docs.


Thanks for taking our course on AI!

We hope the ideas presented here help you to move throughout your day feeling more empowered by this new technology.

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