New: Q&A

Notion Q&A is currently in beta — use it to get answers to questions about content in your workspace.

q&A Demo video
  • Q&A surfaces answers immediately, so you can leverage all the information in your Notion workspace.

  • You can ask Q&A for anything! Try starting with these examples:

    • Search for mentions of a particular topic across the workspace — For example, asking Q&A to “find mentions of plans for new user education” which might surface training materials for employees.

    • Answer onboarding questions — Even the most robust onboarding page will lead to questions. Q&A is an onboarding buddy for your new hires to ask anything, from how to set up their 401k, to what to do when they get locked out of the office.

    • Get up to date with a meeting you missed — Couldn’t make yesterday’s standup? Ask Q&A to summarize what was discussed and find tasks assigned to you after the meeting.

    • Suggest explanations for results of a campaign — Seen unusually fast growth in one market? Q&A can help you make sense of results. Ask “why have we experienced such high organic growth in Korea?”. It can look at the results of marketing campaigns, paid ads, user research and client feedback that relates to Korea, and suggest possible explanations.