Connected Properties

Learn how to integrate Notion with other tools using connected properties.

  • You can bring third party information into Notion using embeds, link previews, synced databases, and connected properties.

  • Connected properties are database properties that represent something from a third-party tool like GitHub, Figma, Zendesk, or Google Drive.

  • Connected properties have special advantages over traditional link previews. Specifically:

    • Connected properties sync with third-party tools like GitHub, updating in real-time.

    • Enhance discoverability and organization by sorting and filtering based on connected properties.

    • Provide a quick overview of projects as they exist alongside other tags and properties.


Ready to connect your tools?

Consider these options to start:

  • Designs in Figma to Notion Projects

  • Pull requests in GitHub to Notion Tasks

  • Slides in Google to Notion Docs

  • Spreadsheets in Google to Notion Docs

If you’re looking for another kind of connection, explore our list of integrations and embeds.