Linked views

Linked database views let you see subsets of your knowledge in new contexts. Learn how to create linked views for your docs, meetings, and more.

  • Database views are the cornerstone of building in Notion, allowing you to visualize any knowledge stored in databases to precisely fit your needs.

  • You can create a linked view by typing /database, selecting the layout you want to start with, then selecting your data source.

  • Any changes made to the data in a linked view will be reflected in the original data source, while changes to the view itself only affect the page you're viewing the data on.

  • Examples of database views include a project plan with related docs and meetings, a Wiki page with FAQs from the related FAQ database, and a standup agenda that shows all of the tasks a team is working on in a given week.


Create a personal dashboard

Practice with database views by creating a personal dashboard in the private section of your workspace. Create a view of “My meetings” and “My docs” to start.