Write and edit text

Learn how to create and edit pages in Notion by making a simple personal task list.

Write and edit text

Every page you create in Notion is a fresh canvas where you can add whatever content you want.

When you open a new page, just start typing. You’ll notice other features fade away so you can focus on getting your thoughts on the page.

  • Create sections using headings like H1 , H2 or H3.

  • Highlight any text to bring up a menu of options and tools. From here you can style your text, add a hyperlink and more.

  • Or, format text using markdown syntax to style without ever moving your mouse.

    • Add a toggle list to hide less important information.

    • Try columns to split up content.

    • Add a divider to help organize your sections.


Write and edit text in your workspace

Build your first page or duplicate our personal tasks template here →