What is artificial intelligence?

Explain what artificial intelligence is and how to access it in Notion.

Notion AI intro

This course covers three main ideas that Notion AI enables: improving writing, increasing work efficiency, and generating new text.

  • Improving writing with AI — Notion AI can help with spelling and grammar mistakes, shorten paragraphs, clarify technical terms, and more.

  • Increasing work efficiency with AI —Notion AI can summarize and extract insights from various documents, such as research papers, product requirement docs, tech specs, or news articles.

  • Generating new text with AI — Notion AI can help with writer's block by brainstorming ideas and content drafts. Ask AI for anything, and continue asking follow up prompts until you’re satisfied with the output

How does artificial intelligence work?

  1. The computer finds patterns in a large set of data called training data to make a model.

  2. The computer tests the model by asking a question it already knows the answer to and analyzing how accurate its answer is, using test data.

  3. With more inputs and training data, it learns and improves the model over time.

Read more about how artificial intelligence works, as well as its current limitations, here.


Ready to get started with AI?

To use Notion AI, all you have to do is navigate to a new line and press the space key. If you’re out of responses, learn more about AI pricing here.