Using data: Embeds

Learn how to use embeds in Notion and incorporate Loom videos into a project plan.


Embeds are a great way to take any Notion page to the next level. Rather than having to access multiple tools, you can use embeds to keep a lot of useful information in a single place.

There are over 500 different embed types in Notion including Google Maps, CodePen, Loom, Miro, Whimsical, and more.

Adding an embed:

  • For most common embed types in Notion you can just paste the link of that resource on the web, and select the “Embed file” option.

  • An embed shows the full content of a webpage within Notion, while a link preview only shows a summary and thumbnail of the linked page.

  • Embeds are better for incorporating reference material or other webpages that provide key information you want visible in your Notion workspace.

  • Notion supports embeds for common services like YouTube, Google Drive, Trello, and more. You just paste the URL and it automatically imports as an embed.

  • Link previews save space but require clicking the link to access the full content of the webpage. They're better for supplementary or additional reading material.


Get started quickly with Embeds

Check out Loom’s project plan in our template gallery. Or, simply paste a link from anywhere on the web into Notion to see if its a supported embed type.