Sharing your workspace

Learn how to effectively share and access knowledge in Notion, including how to create and find content using the sidebar, search, and Q&A.

  • The Notion sidebar contains three sections — teamspaces, shared, and private, each with its own purpose and level of access.

  • Find knowledge in three ways:

    • Skim top-level pages → best for looking through a wiki or onboarding to a team.

    • Search → when you know the doc you’re looking for.

    • Q&A → when you have a question or want AI to synthesize an answer.

  • Content can move throughout your sidebar as you work on it. For example, draft a doc in private, share it with reviewers, then move it to the docs database.

  • Sharing in Notion is granular and can be managed with great detail, enabling users to control who sees what content.


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