Scaling your team: Advanced database properties

Advanced database properties can help managers and admins alike make sense of large databases — learn how to use them in your org.

Advanced database properties

Advanced properties allow you to create more layers of organization, and since they’re largely automated, you’re able to better understand your database without any extra work. Here are three advanced properties you should know:

  • Relations: Link one database to another. With Relations you're able to click into a property and view a list of database items on a related database. Try relating specific tasks to bigger projects or docs mentioned in specific meeting notes.

  • Formulas: Perform calculations or trigger actions based on other properties in a database. Formulas are useful for simple operations — like calculating a number based on two other properties, or creating an upvote mechanism.

  • Metadata properties: Capture behind the scenes information about a database item — like when it was created, and who it was created by.


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