Organized workspace best practices

Learn how to organize pages and the sidebar for comfortable collaboration.

Organized workspace best practices

As you set up your Notion space, here’s some things we recommend to keep organized:

  • Keep your sidebar minimal, everyone will see the pages in your teamspace’s sidebar.

    • Create spaces for the main areas of your organization, like marketing, design or engineering.

  • Favorite the pages that frequently visit so they’re always easily accessible.

    • Remember to remove favorites once they no longer serve a purpose.

  • Create a personal dashboard page where you can keep track of work tasks, upcoming appointments and more.

  • Use databases for any recurring pages you find yourself creating so they can maintain a consistent format. This ensures that as you scale, you won’t be left with a mess.


Start with a personal dashboard

Start thinking about organization by creating your own personal dashboard in your private section. Use linked databases to keep track of company-wide tasks and meetings that you’re tagged in.