Connect work with relations

Learn how relations and rollups can organize and connect your projects, tasks, docs, and meeting notes for more streamlined work.

Connect work with relations
  • Two databases are related when an entry, or multiple entries, in one relates to an entry in another. Use relation properties to connect databases in Notion.

    • For example, projects and tasks are two separate databases in Notion

  • Rollups in Notion allow you to view data from a related database.

    • For example, “task completion” on projects is a rollup displaying the aggregate status property of related tasks.

  • To create a relation property, go to the three-dot database options menu, click "Properties," and then "Add a new property". Select "Relation" as the property type, and choose the database you want to relate to.


Try relating projects and tasks to docs or meetings

Projects in Notion are better when they’re connected to the rest of your work. Grab the docs and meetings templates and relate them to your projects before moving on.