AI Autofill property

Use AI to automate tedious information gathering processes and unlock more time to focus on impactful work.

Ai autofill property
  • To add an AI autofill property, add a property with type "Text" and select "Set up fill with AI". Then, choose between filling that column with a summary or setting up your own custom prompts.

  • Use AI auto-fill to extract and generate information:

    • Automatically generate summaries — to get a birds-eye view of everything in your database.

    • Extract key information — pull out key results, metrics, or anything else listed on your project or task page.

    • Answer custom prompts — try asking AI to generate a user story, or brainstorm potential risks to a project or task.

  • AI auto-fill properties can instantly update and add details to every row in a database.


How does AI in Notion work?