Add projects & tasks

Add a projects & tasks database to your workspace and streamline your project management processes.

Add projects and tasks to workspace

The projects and tasks databases in Notion are pre-configured systems that unlock special functionality — like automated sprints — to streamline your project management processes.

  • You can add these to your workspace in two ways:

    1. Build your project system from scratch with three template options

      • To-do → for managing a quick project with one or two people.

      • Projects & tasks → for managing teams and organizations. This is where we’ll spend most of our time in this course.

      • Projects, tasks, & sprints → for managing teams and organizations with time-boxed sprints. Often used by engineering teams.

    2. Import from other tools — use the “import” button to bring in tasks from Asana, Trello, or a CSV. Learn about general migration strategies here.

  • Add one project system per teamspace to maximize organization.


Add Projects to your Workspace

Get the template in your workspace here, then add it to your desired teamspace before moving to the next lesson.