Writing & editing basics

Tired of looking at the same old plain text and bullet points? Every Notion page is highly customizable - learn how to format text and other content blocks to your liking.

4 min video

  • Notion is a sophisticated writing tool that allows you to easily add and organize different types of content called Blocks.

    • The formatting menu pops up when you highlight words, offering options such as headings, to-do lists, code snippets, and more.

    • You can leave comments and mention specific team members, apply formatting like bold and italics using standard shortcuts, and create hyperlinks.

    • Slash commands bring up a menu of block options, and you can add databases like tables or calendars to your page.

    • The six-dot icon provides options to delete, duplicate, or convert blocks, and the three-dot icon at the top right allows customization of typography, text size, and page width.

    • Drag and drop functionality allows easy movement of blocks and the creation of columns.

  • You can capture any idea in Notion, and rearrange the way it looks later.

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