Using advanced database filters

Managing tasks and projects in Notion just got a big upgrade. With new advanced database filters, you have even more control and customizability over your database views - make them as specific as you want for a more organized and efficient workflow.

4 min video

  • Notion databases can store and display large amounts of data across tables, calendars, boards, and more.

  • With advanced filter capabilities, you can make your database views even more powerful.

  • Nested database filters can make task and project workflows more efficient.

    • Filters can be more complex, depending on the level of detail required.

    • Filter groups are useful when combining AND logic and OR logic in your filter.

    • You can apply filters to properties like date or status to refine views.

    • You can filter out specific table rows, then hover over the bottom of any column to make calculations like sum or average.

  • Click on Copy link to view to share a database view with your teammates.

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