Unleashing productivity with Notion's Slack integration

Discover how to boost your team's productivity by integrating Notion with Slack. This video provides a step-by-step tutorial to help you streamline your team's communication effectively.

8 min video

  • Notion’s Slack integration makes sharing ideas and information between both apps frictionless.

  • You can receive Slack notifications when your name is tagged in Notion, or when changes are made to a Notion database.

  • Share a Notion page link in Slack to provide a preview of the page's title and creator, offering quick context for team members.

  • Copy and paste valuable Slack conversations into Notion as link previews, preserving key discussions.

  • Create new Notion database items out of important messages or requests posted in Slack.

  • Connecting Notion and Slack will save you and your team time and effort, especially if you’re using both apps on the daily.

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