Types of content blocks

Text, images, math equations, 500+ embeddable services... there's a long list of the types of content you can store in Notion! This video guide shows you what you can store on a Notion page, and how.

10 min video

  • You can store many different types of content on a Notion page including text, bullets, images, databases, videos, embeds from 500+ products, and code notations.

  • Notion works using blocks, where each block represents a different content type.

    • The default block in Notion is text, but there are many other types of blocks.

    • Basic blocks include page, to-do list, headings, bulleted list, numbered list, toggle list, quote, divider, and callout.

    • You can add databases like tables, boards, calendars, galleries, and lists to existing pages or as new pages.

    • Include media like images, web bookmarks, videos, audio, code, and files inside any Notion page.

    • Content from more than 500 apps can be embedded into Notion pages.

    • Advanced blocks include math equation, template button, breadcrumbs, and table of contents.

  • Blocks can be rearranged through drag and drop, deleted, duplicated, converted into another type of block, moved to another page, commented on, or changed in color.

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