Start with a template

Not sure where to start with Notion? Templates allow you to quickly add some structure and content to your workspace, and can help illustrate what problems you can solve in Notion.

3 min video

  • If you think of Notion blocks as LEGO blocks, then Notion templates are like LEGO sets.

  • The Notion Template Gallery gathers ready-to-use templates created by us, as well as our talented user community.

  • All templates are grouped based on different needs.

    • Click and scroll through these categories for inspiration, and try searching for a template in the search bar if you already have something in mind.

  • Add the templates you like to your workspace, and tailor them to fit your team's requirements.

    • Then, go to the Share menu to share your customized template with your team or specific individuals.

  • Our template gallery is a living project; an ongoing collaboration between Notion and its community of users.

    • We set up a process that allows anyone to submit their own template if they wish.

  • We hope these amazing setups built by Notion users like you will inspire you as much as they did inspire us.

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