Setting up Notion for school

Heading back to school? Notion's here to help. We'll show you how to upgrade your workspace for free, how to set up your workspace for keeping track of notes, thesis planning, job hunting and more, as well as how to collaborate with other students.

8 min video

  • Notion is a dynamic notebook to manage class work, projects, and other college tasks.

  • If you have a student or educator email address, you can upgrade to the Plus plan.

  • Build your workspace from scratch, store and organize content, and collaborate on projects—all in Notion.

  • You can go to the template picker in the sidebar to pick a template to get started. Those may include class notes, reading lists, thesis planning, job application, and personal CRM. For more templates to choose from, visit the Notion Template Gallery.

  • A Plus plan includes the ability to upload large files, access to earlier versions of pages, unlimited guest sharing, and unlimited storage.

  • Notion also allows for collaboration with other students, and you can share pages with an unlimited number of guests.

  • Notion is fully adaptable to your individual needs and preferences.

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