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Since Notion is so flexible, you can manage your tasks however you want! But we'll show you two specific examples of task management pages that you can build yourself - one that's more lightweight, and one with more features and functionality.

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  • There are many ways you can build a personal tasks page in Notion to easily organize your life.

  • For example, you could create a simple checklist categorized into columns. Tasks can be moved between columns, and archived once completed.

  • Alternatively, try using a pre-built template from the template picker or the Notion Template Gallery to create a more advanced tasks page. Each task is its own page within a database, where you can add all the properties and detailed information you want.

    • You may decide to group your tasks by status, tags, or priority levels. You can also apply different views to your database—display your same data in a calendar, list, or table according to your needs.

  • The trick is to find the personal tasks setup that suits you best. Notion helps you do exactly that.

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