Navigating with the sidebar

Notion's sidebar has all the tools you need to organize your pages, add templates, access settings & more.

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  • Notion's sidebar is your navigation hub for all things Notion.

    • You can hide it anytime for a more focused workspace. Just click on the arrows pointing left.

    • The sidebar is your go-to for accessing pages, divided into Teamspaces, Shared, and

      Private sections.

  • Your can easily add pages to the Favorites section for quick access.

  • Teamspaces keep all the important notes, docs, and tasks for different teams in one place.

  • The Shared section is where you'll find pages shared with you or by you.

  • The Private section is your secret hideout for brainstorming, planning, or just thinking.

  • If you’re searching for a page, use the Search feature in the sidebar.

  • Stay updated with Inbox - it tells you when you're mentioned or invited to view a page.

"Updates" is now "Inbox"

We're always working to improve your Notion experience. Recently, the "Updates" menu in the sidebar changed to "Inbox." This new experience has a better look and feel, and improved workflows for triaging notifications. Happy collaborating!

  • Adjust your workspace settings and customize your Notion experience in Settings and Members.

  • Quickly add a new page by clicking on the New page button.

  • The Trash section is your recycle bin, where you can recover deleted content.

  • Navigate, join, and create Teamspaces all from the comfort of your sidebar.

    • And remember, you can freely reorder Teamspaces in your sidebar to suit your preference.

  • To switch to another workspace, just click on your workspace name and choose the one you need.

  • In short, the Notion sidebar is here to help you save time, and focus on what matters most.

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