Intro to Timeline view

Timeline is a new type of Notion database that’s way more than a Gantt chart. It gives you complete flexibility to scope projects, adjust their timelines, and customize your workflow.

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  • Timeline views in Notion help display projects chronologically.

  • You can create a timeline view from scratch, or add one to an already existing database.

  • To save time, consider starting with a template. Find one in our template picker, or directly from the Notion Template Gallery.

  • Since timeline views display entries according to their dates, they require at least one date property in the database.

  • Just like for any Notion database, you can adjust a timeline’s layout from its menu. You may also decide to group entries according to one of their properties.

  • Try adding sub-items to your timeline, allowing for more detailed project breakdowns.

  • Add dependencies to connect database entries, visually representing how different projects or project phases depend on each other.

  • Notion timelines are way more than a Gantt chart. They give you complete flexibility to scope projects, adjust their dates, customize your workflow, and actually get work done inside their pages.

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