How to join your team that’s using Notion

If you’re joining a team that is already using Notion, here’s your guide to getting started. We take a look at some pages, databases, and features to get you oriented.

8 min video

  • This video provides new users with a tour of a team workspace on Notion.

  • The sidebar holds teamspaces with top-level pages, which are the highest-level homes for information.

  • Top-level pages boast sub-pages, where teams can store all the information they want.

  • Every Notion page is composed of content blocks, which could be text, callout blocks, videos, or embeds.

  • Notion databases are highly customizable, and can store complex information that can be displayed in different ways.

  • Notion is a place where things get done. You can tag team members in comments or in the body of a page for specific feedback.

  • When someone mentions you in a workspace, you'll be notified in your Inbox, located towards the top of your sidebar.

  • Not all pages in a team's workspace are shared with everyone, as specific sharing settings may be applied to pages.

  • You can use the Quick Find functionality to find a particular doc or database, as well as our Q&A feature, powered by AI.

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