How to create new pages as you type

When you're writing or taking notes, it's important not to lose your train of thought. In this Notion guide, we'll show you how to create new pages in your workspace, without leaving your keyboard. Ideal for Notion beginners or those wanting to enhance their productivity.

4 min video

  • In Notion, you can create new pages as you type without breaking your writing flow.

  • As you’re writing a sentence, click the @ key, then type the words that will make up the title of the page.

    • You’ll have the option to either nest that new page in the page where you are writing, or store it somewhere else in your workspace.

    • For example, you could come up with a new task in your to-do list, and seamlessly add it to your Tasks database.

  • To access your new page, click on the link you created.

  • This simple trick helps you structure your workspace without interrupting your train of thought.

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