Connecting tools to Notion

This video will show you how integrations can help you create a frictionless dialogue between the work you’re achieving outside Notion, and the work happening inside the app.

5 min video

  • With the help of integrations made by Notion and partners, you’ll be able to easily automate smooth workflows, or even use Notion’s API to build your own integrations.

    • Connect the app to tools like Typeform, Salesforce, Slack, Github, and JIRA.

      • As an example, you could use Typeform to collect information from event participants and sync the data directly to a Notion database.

      • Use Zapier to reflect a status change in Salesforce in a Notion database, or to send messages posted in a Slack channel to a Notion database.

    • Try link previews to keep people informed on the work happening outside of Notion.

      • In a Notion page, paste Trello or Asana links to track progress. Preview important messages shared in Slack, and paste links to Github issues inside their corresponding project page in Notion.

  • For everything regarding Notion integrations, follow this link.

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