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We've all had that thought... "Did this really have to be a meeting?" By taking advantage of comments and discussions in Notion, your team can gather feedback asynchronously and move projects forward, and cancel a few meetings along the way.

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  • Notion's collaboration features allow teams to work asynchronously, reducing the need for numerous meetings and real-time chats.

    • In a Notion database page, you can use the discussion section at the top for general feedback, and comments on specific content for more tactical feedback.

    • To notify a particular teammate of , just @-mention them in a comment. They’ll automatically receive a notification that they were mentioned in your comment, and can even respond directly from the Updates menu.

    • If you have a suggestion for different wording, you can highlight your text in red for clear visual feedback.

  • By actively using comments and discussions in Notion, teams can streamline their workflow, reduce the number of meetings, and increase productivity.

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