Board view databases

One of Notion's most powerful features, Boards are the best way to manage projects & tasks. Use them to group your databases by select, multiselect, and person properties.

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  • Boards in Notion are an effective tool for project management. They provide a visual and organized way to manage tasks, projects, or processes.

    • Items can be organized into columns to visualize stages of a process or assignments.

    • Each entry in a board appears as a card in a column, with an option to show a preview of the entry's content.

    • Cards can be grouped by various properties and can be manually rearranged.

  • Boards can be seamlessly incorporated into your workspace.

    • They can be added to a workspace through the 'New page' button or by typing '/Board' within a page.

    • Boards can be created from scratch or using Notion's templates.

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