Build a custom Scrum board in Notion

Streamline project management and boost team productivity with a Scrum board tailored to each project's needs.

Build a custom Scrum board in Notion

Let Scrum boards improve your next project’s efficiency and collaboration 

The Scrum framework — an Agile project management method — focuses on continuous improvement of a project’s iterations by a small team with set roles.

Scrum teams need a product owner who understands the ideal outcome, a Scrum master who manages workflow, and a team to execute the to-dos. Tracking everything in one place lets everyone know how tasks are progressing.

Build a custom Scrum board in Notion

Add a Scrum board to your Notion teamspace in order to:

  • Understand who’s responsible for which items 

  • Easily check the status of everyone’s tasks

  • Monitor their progress toward outcomes

  • Identify task dependencies to improve collaboration and prevent delays

How to make a Scrum board in Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. Create a new page and choose the "Board" view. Click the + New database on the right side to open a new view. 

  3. Name your first column "Tasks" and list your next sprint's focus. Add custom properties like deadlines and assignees. 

  4. Invite your teammates to collaborate.

Take the stress out of Scrum management with a connected workspace in Notion

From customizable templates to robust categorization options, Notion makes it easy to manage your Scrum boards.


What’s a Scrum board?

A Scrum board improves task visibility during project sprints by showing each to-do’s status. Statuses are customizable, but common ones include completion, review, and approval.

Kanban board versus Scrum board: what's the difference?

Scrum and Kanban are two ways to manage projects. 

Scrum is best used for projects with rigid guidelines, a confident team, and dedicated sprints for task completion. The term comes from the Scrum formation in rugby that relies on seamless teamwork. 

Kanban boards use a more relaxed approach for task deadlines, opting to find ways to improve processes instead of sticking to existing ones. 

Does Notion have Scrum board examples?

Yes, we do. You can find those templates in our Template Gallerysearch for custom templates to find something that matches your project needs.

Our community templates can save you hours trying to find the ideal layout for your Scrum boards.