Document your project baseline in Notion

Set a project baseline to track progress, forecast results, and outline your plan in one place from the start.

Streamline project management with an organized workspace to take you from project kickstart to launch.

Make a project baseline in Notion to share notes and progress across teams

Our connected workspace makes project management flexible and intuitive, and it all starts with a project baseline — an initial document that sets your starting point, then keeps your roadmaps, wikis, and action items accessible and distinct as you progress.

Set your project up for success with a clear schedule baseline.

Here’s how our tool stands out:

  • Customizations to fit your needs — create organized pages with custom properties.

  • One platform — host all the pages and docs you need without crossover.

  • Collaborate with ease — track tasks and monitor progress on sharable pages.

Create organized pages with custom properties.

Learn how to kickstart projects with Notion

  1. Create a team workspace in Notion.

  2. Create a new page.

  3. Choose from one of our project management baseline templates or start from scratch.

  4. Populate your page with key sections, like your budget, deliverables, and deadlines.

Lay out the scope for your project in a project baseline doc.

Set your project up for success with a solid project baseline document

An organized project baseline plan helps you create something great. Start creating yours in Notion.


How do you create a project baseline?

To create a project baseline:

  • Determine the type of baseline you’re creating by considering variables like project  scope, schedule, quality, and cost

  • Identify any relevant key components, like scope, objectives, project deliverables, and timeline

  • Determine how you’ll track progress along timelines or for deliverables 

  • Make the plan accessible to all team members and stakeholders

What’s an example of a project management baseline?

Here are four examples of project baselines:

  • Cost baseline — specify total project cost and prices for individual phases. 

  • Scope baseline — detail your project’s scope to decide what to include or exclude at every step. 

  • Schedule baseline — set a project baseline schedule that specifies a start and end date for each task or phase.

  • Quality baseline — set quality requirements throughout the project.

When should you baseline a project?

Baseline a project at the beginning of the project lifecycle, before any work begins. This sets a clear foundation to build upon, minimizes unforeseen roadblocks, and makes sure you have the resources you need to succeed.