What a product roadmap does to keep your team on track

A product roadmap gives your team a high-level visual representation of your goals, initiatives, and timeline.

Communicate your product’s direction at a glance.

What features does Notion offer for product roadmapping?

Our connected workspace is a flexible and customizable platform that allows you to tailor your roadmap to fit your team’s needs and adjust it on the go.

The result? A plan that truly reflects your goals and processes and makes communicating these to everyone a cinch.

Share your product roadmap to bring the team together.

Using Notion for product roadmaps means having: 

  • Customizable product roadmap templates to fit your product’s unique needs

  • Detailed task management to ensure that everyone is working toward the right goals

  • Flexibility to adjust and adapt as necessary

  • Transparency across your organization

Share your product roadmap to bring the team together.

How do you create a product roadmap in Notion?

  1. Sign into your Notion account. 

  2. Make a database on a new page or type /database in an existing page.

  3. Create the custom properties your roadmap needs, like assignees, project managers, due dates, and more.

  4. Add your projects to this database.

Create a roadmap that’s as agile as your team.

Prioritize transparency, communication, & teamwork in your product roadmaps

Add detailed tasks and projects to each stage of your roadmap in Notion to let everyone track the product’s progress.


What should a product roadmap include?

  • Business goals and product vision

  • Key milestones and deliverables

  • Prioritization of specific features and initiatives

  • Timeline for implementation

  • Stakeholder alignment and communication plan

  • Risk and uncertainty assessment

What are the stages of a product roadmap?

  • While the stages of a product roadmap depend on the product type, they typically include:

    • Planning and research

    • Product strategy and goal-setting

    • Design and development

    • Launch and iteration

    • Continuous improvement

How do I run a product roadmap brainstorm?

  • Gather your team, project and product managers, and external and internal stakeholders

  • Clearly articulate your product goals and vision

  • Identify key milestones and deliverables

  • Prioritize initiatives and product features

  • Assess risks and uncertainties

  • Develop a timeline and communication plan

  • Brainstorm and prioritize potential solutions

  • Finalize your product roadmap and secure stakeholder agreement