Do team planning in Notion to achieve your goals with ease

Design custom plans and set project goals and achievable milestones all in the same connected workspace.

How creating a distinct plan helps you meet goals faster

Creating specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals lets you set objectives you know you can meet -- but you can’t get there without a plan. SMART goals set a deadline you can work toward, and an outline will help you reach it on time.

Do team planning in Notion to achieve your goals with ease

Turning project goals into actionable plans in Notion lets you:

  • Track your progress throughout the process

  • Align team members and enhance collaboration

  • Create a schedule with clear stages and deliverables

  • Connect overall project planning with smaller goals

Do team planning in Notion to achieve your goals with ease

How to plan your goals in Notion

  1. Make a Notion account.

  2. Create a database for your goals and project plans. Make a new page and select Table then dataset.

  3. Add a page for each goal. 

  4. Visualize your goals as a timeline or board.

  5. Invite your teammates to track your mutual progress.

Create a roadmap that’s as agile as your team.

Set strategic goals to inform your project planning

No matter what type of goal you want to achieve, you can create a plan in Notion that helps you hit every mark.


How do I write my goal plan?

Start by identifying your overall goal and what strategic actions you need to take in order to achieve it. Try these steps:

  1. Break your goal down into stages and milestones.

  2. Set start dates and end dates.

  3. Determine the key metrics that will measure your progress.

  4. Create a schedule or calendar to help your team stay on track.

What are the three types of goals?

Three common goal types include:

  1. Outcome goals — achieve a specific outcome, like hitting a milestone

  2. Performance goals — improve a team or person’s performance based on metrics

  3. Process goals — establish an action plan or process to achieve goals in a set timeframe

What are the goals of planning?

The main goal of planning is to achieve a successful outcome, but this can also include:

  • Establishing a clear direction for yourself or your project team

  • Developing a roadmap to guide decision-making as progress continues 

  • Bookending your efforts in a specific amount of time