Streamline your event planning process with Notion

Use customizable Notion pages to organize your planning process, whether you’re a seasoned planner or just starting out.

Seamlessly map out your event planning process so you don’t miss a step.

One place to plan and organized event tasks

To successfully plan an event — be it a conference, business dinner, wedding, or anything else — you have to wear many hats, from project management to marketing to resource allocation.

Notion streamlines complex planning workflows, so you can track progress, organize tasks, and delegate responsibilities to make managing large events a breeze.

Notion checklists and workspaces help you keep tabs on all tasks, sub-tasks, deadlines, and everything else involved in a successful event.

Whether you’re planning a professional or personal event, like a dinner, holiday, or corporate party, you’ll have plenty of moving parts to keep track of. Notion checklists and workspaces help you keep tabs on all tasks, sub-tasks, deadlines, budgets, and everything else involved in a successful event.

Using a calendar in your PRD can help keep all tasks on track.

Here’s how to use Notion templates for event planning

  1. Sign up for Notion and invite your team

  2. Create a page to plan your event. In this page, you can make a database for all tasks, assigning owners and deadlines.

  3. Customize your page to add all event details, like adding a location, attendees, a run-of-show, and more.

Plan your best event yet with Notion’s templates and customizable workspace

From checklists and contact lists to timelines and team members, you can use Notion to store and sort any event details.


What’s an event checklist?

An event planning checklist is a standardized, reusable list which you can customize for different events or team members. List tasks and subtasks and designate responsible individuals to cover each aspect of the planning process.

How do you start planning an event?

Start with the end goal and work backward to figure out how you’ll achieve success. Use a Notion template or checklist to organize each step and understand the entire project’s timeline.

What are the key elements of event marketing?

  • Brainstorm marketing tactics to reach the event’s target audience

  • Advertise the event via social posts, email campaigns, etc.

  • Create promotional materials to be distributed at the event

  • Implement post-event marketing tactics to gain feedback from a target market and maintain the event’s buzz