Become an expert in task management with Notion

Expert task management requires premium solutions. Notion’s custom task management tools offer this solution to teams.

How can Notion help your team manage tasks?

You can’t get things done if you can’t see what’s on your plate. A good task management system puts all your to-dos in one place so you don’t miss a thing. 

Create a task management dashboard in Notion to set priorities and organize tasks however is most useful to you. Stay on track — and do it your way.

Notion offers centralized task management.

With Notion, you can:

  • Create custom task management dashboards that every team member can access and understand

  • Keep tasks organized with dozens of features like calendars, task lists, Gantt charts, tables, and Kanban boards

  • Sort project tasks by priority, category, timeline, and more

One board for all your design team’s tasks.

How to keep everyone organized by managing tasks with Notion

  1. Sign up for Notion and invite your team.

  2. Create a database for your tasks.

  3. Customize properties like due date, owner, responsible team, priority, and sprint according to your needs. 

  4. Make different views of your database based on these properties, whether that’s sorting tasks by priority or team.

Create a task management system tailored to your team with Notion

Our task management software is the key to streamlining processes, keeping everyone aligned, and unlocking your potential.


How do you manage multiple tasks at work?

Managing multiple tasks starts with organization. Create a task management system that centralizes your to-dos and organizes them by priority, deadline, and progress. Tools like Notion can help.

What are task management skills?

Task management skills include time management, problem-solving, and organization. They’re the skills that help you effectively plan, prioritize, and execute action items.

How do you manage daily tasks at work?

Start managing daily tasks at work by creating a schedule or a to-do list. Prioritize each task by importance, and break down larger tasks into subtasks. If there’s a lot to do, delegate and assign tasks to other team members.

Using a collaborative workspace like Notion lets you keep an eye on everyone’s progress to identify slowdowns before they happen.