Rock your next brainstorming session with Notion

Tap into your team’s talents and skills through brainstorming and see where your collective creativity can take you.

Rock your next brainstorming session with Notion

Improve your brainstorming and reach more creative solutions with Notion

Brainstorming can promote creative thinking and team cohesion — but only if your sessions are open and productive.

Rock your next brainstorming session with Notion

Brainstorming tools like Notion facilitate idea sharing by allowing you to:

Rock your next brainstorming session with Notion

Here’s how to brainstorm using Notion

  1. Create a Notion account.

  2. On a new page, start from scratch or use a brainstorm chart template.

  3. Create, comment on, and edit the document together with your team.

  4. Generate tasks for a Kanban board or timeline from the brainstorm.

Rock your next brainstorming session with Notion

Bring your team together to innovate and create

Brainstorm with onsite or remote teams in Notion, a connected workspace where everyone can collaborate with ease.


What’s brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a technique for generating creative ideas and solutions to a problem or challenge in an open, nonjudgmental environment.

Brainstorming helps teams generate solutions by encouraging everyone to think creatively and build upon each other's thoughts.

What are four types of brainstorming?

Four techniques for brainstorming include:

  • Mind mapping — a visual technique for organizing ideas and connections.

  • Brainwriting — a word-based technique that involves writing and building upon each other’s ideas.

  • Rapid ideation — a timed approach for generating a large number of ideas.

  • Rolestorming — a method requiring you to role-play a famous individual or user persona in order to come up with ideas.

What are three rules for brainstorming?

Three rules for quality brainstorming include:

  1. Defer judgment — welcome all ideas without criticism or evaluation.

  2. Encourage wild ideas — foster out-of-the-box thinking to spark creativity.

  3. Build on teammates’ ideas — use your teammates’ ideas as stepping stones to develop new ideas.