September 29, 2020

Write your notes by hand on iPad ✍️

The new "Scribble" feature for Apple Pencil works perfectly in Notion! Handwriting your notes instead of typing them can be a helpful boost for memorization — all you need to do is update to iPadOS 14 and you're good to go.

P.S. Sorry Android tablet users, this is more of an Apple feature than a Notion feature 😓 We'll keep making our mobile apps better across all platforms!

Log out of Notion from all your devices, remotely 📡

This will come in handy if you forget to log out of your Notion account on a public computer, or your personal device is stolen or misplaced. Just go to Settings & members in your left-hand sidebar, go to the My account section, and click the button under Log out of all devices.

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Continue with Google button to be unresponsive on mobile

  • Fixed a bug that caused inline equations to render as Invalid equation in PDF exports

  • Fixed a bug that prevented re-ordering of private pages in Enterprise workspaces where the Prevent members from changing the Workspace section setting was enabled

  • The four-randomly-generated-words in emails with a temporary passcode are now derived from High Valyrian instead of English to prevent awkward word combinations 😬

Introducing: Notion Guides

Not sure what to build next? We just launched Notion Guides to serve up how-to posts and videos tailored to your needs! Find step-by-step tutorials to help you get the most from Notion. Plus, you can filter with tags like "Wiki," "Design," and "Engineering," to find exactly what you want.

If Notion gives you a bunch of LEGOs, think of these guides as the glossy LEGO instructions that come inside box sets 🧱

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