Notion 2.9, now with backlinks to connect your thoughts πŸ’­

See all the pages linked to a page, automatically πŸ•ΈοΈ

Backlinks show you all the places where the current page is referenced. Now you can freely navigate from page to linked page β€” thought to linked thought β€” with no extra setup or maintenance on your end.

Notion is not the only tool with backlinks β€” they've been around for a long time! But we'll keep making ours more powerful. Plus, backlinks are included in the long, long list of features that are completely free for personal use, indefinitely.

Use backlinks to:

  • See related topics on a wiki page

  • Discover all the scattered notes, docs, and tasks linked to the same projects

  • Link topics of interest when taking notes, creating automatic collections of thoughts

New shortcuts to +create and [] pages as you type πŸ–‡οΈ

Make connections between your pages and create new pages as you type β€” no need to leave your keyboard or interrupt your train of thought. Plus, you don't have to organize everything into a perfectly structured hierarchy if that's not how your brain works!

To support people's habits coming from different tools, there are now 3 ways to create dynamic page links in-line. They all create backlinks too.

  1. Type [[, followed by the name of the page you want to reference. Easiest way to link a page.

  2. Type +, followed by the title of the page you want to create. Easiest way to make a new page.

  3. Type @, followed by a date, person, or page. Now @-mentions let you create pages too.

Inline sub-pages πŸ“ƒ

Before, sub-page links had to be their own standalone content blocks on their own lines. Now you have the option to nest a sub-page right inside a paragraph.

To create a sub-page inline with other text, just type + followed by the name of the sub-page you want to create. Select + New "title" sub-page in the dropdown that appears.

Turn a block of content into a page that lives somewhere else πŸ“„

Power users, this one is for you. Select a block of content like a paragraph of text, a bullet point, or a to-do checkbox β€” and quickly turn them into a page that's nested inside a different page, a database, or a database with a template applied. It works for selections of multiple content blocks too.

Use this to:

  • Turn a list of action items in your meeting notes into pages in your Tasks database

  • Turn a scratchpad of social media ideas into pages in your Content Calendar

  • Turn a messy bullet list of leads and prospects into pages in your Sales CRM

Until now, the Link button in the formatting toolbar only worked for URLs. Now you can also use it to search for another page in your workspace to link (while retaining the original text you selected), or even create a new page for the link to point to.

Unclutter your pages by hiding comments 🧹

Sometimes pages can start to feel cluttered when there's a bunch of comments at the top. So we added the option to hide them in page view! Just hover over any comment, click the β€’β€’β€’ that appears to the right, and click Hide page comments.

There's a lot more we're doing to make page view even more customizable β€” stay tuned!

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • **Shift + return is now supported on iPad! Use this to create a line break within the same block of text

  • The back ← and forward β†’ buttons at the top left are now clickable when you're previewing a page

  • Fixed a bug that caused backticks to be included in duplication of inline code

  • Fixed a bug that caused Android devices to vibrate while trying to select a content block

  • Fixed a bug that caused the View original button on images to point to an incorrect pathway when logged into multiple accounts

  • Lots of behind the scenes bug fixes for backlinks & inline page creation πŸ˜‰

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