July 2, 2020

New features

  • Invite and manage members on mobile 🏃
    Before, you had to be logged into Notion on a desktop computer in order to invite more teammates. Now you can send quick invites on mobile as well! Just tap the new Members button in your mobile sidebar to copy your workspace's unique Invite Link, or add teammates by entering their email address. Learn how to add and remove members →

  • Visual refresh for Settings & Members 🧹
    You heard it here first: there is such a thing as too many emojis. We think these new icons look a bit more streamlined! We also adjusted the padding and spacing to enhance readability.

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Inline equations now support the \\ce and \\pu chemical equation macros from the mhchem extension

  • Added /grey as an alternative spelling for the slash command /gray

  • Adjusted spacing in some settings menus for better readability

  • Members who have been removed from a team workspace will now need to re-verify via password and temporary passcode when added back to the workspace

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Esc key from dismissing a preview window if nothing was selected

  • Fixed a bug that caused inline databases to remain indented in preview modals and on tablets

  • Fixed a bug that prevented uploaded icons from appearing in the restyled page @-mentions

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Name property to be hidden on new gallery view databases

  • Fixed a bug that caused inline equations to be editable on pages with Page Lock enabled

  • Fixed a bug that prevented hyperlinked text from having a different text color enabled

  • Fixed a bug that created a duplicate Name property when creating a new table view

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