New features

  • Underline formatting 📏
    The formatting menu has a new addition: underline! Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/cmd + U to underline any text in Notion, and combine underline with any other text styling option.

  • Better multi-column support for inline databases 🏛
    Before, inline databases in multi-column layouts automatically indented and didn't align correctly with other content. Now, you can tuck databases inside toggles or columns, or create beautiful dashboards with different views of the same database, as seen below:

  • Restyled @-mentions and hyperlinks 🔗
    @-mentions are an easy way to add links to any other page in your workspace — especially useful for wikis! Now page mentions and external hyperlinks are a bit more polished and eye-catching.

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Navigating databases is much faster, thanks to improved caching

  • The 5,000-block limit on duplicating blocks, pages, and public templates has been removed - no more error messages!

  • Improved keyboard and slash command support for inline math

  • Fixed a bug that caused \tags to only work for display equations in inline math

  • Fixed a bug where hitting the right arrow key closed the inline math dialogue box and lost changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the action bar to jump on mobile when opening and closing the keyboard

  • Fixed a bug that prevented admins from changing the sharing settings on pages that exceed the guest limit on the free Personal Plan

  • Fixed a bug that prevented comments from saving for some users with guest access

  • Fixed a bug that prevented @-mentions from appearing in board and gallery view

  • Fixed a bug that caused PDF files to become corrupted during export

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